#MILLINGAESTHETIC | Which Style Works Best for Me?





You’ve said, “I do” and now it is time to embark on an exciting journey leading up to your wedding day!

The first step into your wedding planning is to reflect together with your partner the moments that lead both of you to where you are today. Answer this question together, “What theme will we have for our wedding?

Let’s start with the main 4 styles of a wedding: classic, modern, natural and rustic.




Time stands still in a classic setting, from the past to the present, through the future. Elements of gold and crystals go hand in hand with elegant flower arrangement, just like paintings from Romanticism era.


Versatility, futuristic and polished are key in modern setting, allowing bold elements to go above and beyond. Fresh and oftentimes surreal, the ambience is thoughtfully designed to evoke dreaminess and sophistication.


Natural setting draws inspiration from the rawness of nature, elevated with elegance. From the falling leaves, the wild flowers, to the gradation of blue in the sea, the abundance of beauty in the nature is an art on its own.


Rooted in countryside, rustic setting has evolved into rich textural plays and daring use of foliage. By infusing dreamy elements, the end result sees a spin on nomadic feel into conceptual scene.





From these four styles, opt for a combination of two and a set of initial colour palette. Then, let us do the brainstorming and moodboard-ing to take your inspirations to conceptual, bold and elegant setting against the beautiful nature of Bali.

Be it outdoor or indoor, by the cliff or by the sea, tucked amongst gardens or positioned in an open air, one’s dream wedding setting can be realised through a designer’s keen eye on details and fully fledged concept.

Let Designmill translate your love story into the language of design and aesthetics you can cherish for years to come.




Classic, Natural, Rustic or Modern? Find out your destination wedding style.


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